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  • Vero Nome: Charles Thomas Gillingham
  • Data di nascita: 26 Gennaio 1960
  • Gruppo: Counting Crows
  • Luogo di nascita: Torrance
  • Nazione: Stati Uniti
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    Charlie Gillingham, (born Charles Thomas Gillingham, January 26, 1960, Torrance, California ), plays the Hammond B-3 organ, accordion, piano, and keyboards for Counting Crows. He has also played the bass guitar in live shows during certain songs such as "Holiday in Spain".
    He was also a member of Zip Code Revue, and played keyboards on Train's 1998 debut album.
    In 2004, Gillingham was nominated for an Oscar as co-composer of the song, "Accidentally in Love". He was put forward in the category 'Academy Award for Best Original Song' with his fellow songwriters Adam Duritz, Jim Bogios, David Immergl├╝ck, Matt Malley, David Bryson and Dan Vickrey. The track was used in the film, Shrek 2.

    Apart from his work with Counting Crows, Gillingham also contributed to the following recordings :
    Low Stars - Low Stars - 2007
    Comfort in Sound - Feeder - 2003
    Propeller - Peter Stuart - 2002
    Nowhere is Brighter - Garrin Benfield - 2002
    Still Waiting for Spring - Matt Nathanson - 2000
    Train - Train - 1998
    The Golden Age - Cracker - 1996
    Abundance - Zip Code Revue - 1996
    Slipaway - Jerry Shelfer - 1992
    United Kingdom - American Music Club - 1990
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